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Huntingdon Road Cemetery

Situated adjacent to the crematorium and accessed from the same approach road, Huntingdon Road Cemetery has been developed as an extension of Cambridge City Cemetery and is open  24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Burial space

Burial space is available in traditional, lawned and secular plots either side of a central driveway.

A unique feature of the Huntingdon Road Cemetery is the green burial site, an enclosed copse surrounded by native hedgerows and discretely screened from the crematorium gardens.


Huntingdon Road Cemetery is five miles from the centre of Cambridge, off the A14 westbound carriageway.

Please be aware that current road works along the A14 may mean that journey times to the Crematorium are longer than normal. You are advised to check the road conditions before you travel and add additional time to your journey to ensure you arrive on time.