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Cambridge City Cemetery (Newmarket Rd)

Newmarket Road Cemetery offers unlimited pedestrian access everyday including Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Opening Times

Vehicle access is restricted from 9am to 4pm from 1st November to 31st March and from 9am to 6pm from 1st April to 31st October.

Burial Services at Newmarket Road Cemetery

The cemetery was open in 1902 and was known as Cambridge Borough Cemetery. The first burial took place on 6 June 1903. The first Superintendent of the cemetery is buried there. The cemetery is primarily for the Cambridge City Residents, but also contains War Graves from World Wars I and II, as well as well as notable people such as Choudhary Rahmat Ali (one of the founders of Pakistan and Barbara Yung (Chinese actress).

Newmarket Road Cemetery is now at capacity for new grave spaces. The only burials which now happen here are interments into existing grave spaces. For burial services at Newmarket Road Cemetery, there is an option to have a short funeral service in the chapel beforehand. Please find further details on how to arrange a burial here.

Cremation Services at Newmarket Road Chapel

A new service has been introduced to give families and friends the option of holding a funeral service for their loved one at Newmarket Road Chapel, in the grounds of Newmarket Road Cemetery.

It is possible to hold a funeral service at Newmarket Road Chapel which, for many city residents, is easier to get to than Huntingdon Road, with more accessible public transport, cycle and walking routes, avoiding the A14.

Once the service ends and the families and friends have left the chapel, attendants will transport the deceased in the council’s private ambulance to the crematorium.

If you would like to hold a funeral service at Newmarket Road Chapel, please advise your funeral director or contact our Bereavement Services Team for more information.


Junction of Newmarket Road (A1303) and Ditton Lane, Cambridge CB5 8PE