Fees and Forms

For you information, please find below our fees and forms for you to download. We hope that this provides a useful resource for you.


You can download a complete list of prices for all funeral and memorial options available at the city’s cemeteries and its crematorium. Please be aware that our fees are reviewed each year and are current until 31st March 2019.


Burial and cremation forms

You’ll need to arrange the completion of forms to notify the crematorium about a burial or cremation. Please return any forms to us as soon as possible and well in advance of our services being needed (at least three working days for interments and cremations).


Funeral Service Form
Application Forms for Interment
Application for Pre Purchased Graves
Grave Memorial Forms

This is an application form for a permit for a headstone or other grave memorial. It is to be completed by the grave owner and their appointed stonemason.