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Who to contact following a death

Following a person’s death, various parties need to be informed. It’s important that some are notified immediately whilst others can be notified a little later.

The following information is a guide telling you who needs to be contacted and when by.

Details of counselling and support agencies can be found at the bottom of the page.

Immediately following a death

  • Your GP: Search the NHS website for a list of GPs
  • The deceased’s employer
  • HM Revenue & Customs
    • If the deceased was an employee or was in receipt of a pension, contact the payroll section of the employer who will be able to advise you of the correct tax office.
    • If the deceased was self employed, contact the tax office nearest to their place of business.
    • If the deceased was unemployed or retired, contact the tax office nearest to their home address
  • Solicitor
  • Cambridgeshire County Council: registering a death

Unexpected death

If you discover a body or the death is sudden or unexpected, you should contact:

  • the police, who will help find the people listed below if necessary
  • your family doctor (if known) – otherwise you can search the NHS website for a list of GPs
  • the deceased’s nearest relative
  • the deceased’s minister of religion, it required.

If there is any reason to suspect that the death was not due to natural causes, do not touch or remove anything from the scene, as the death may be referred to the coroner. If it is not necessary to notify the death to the coroner a doctor may ask the relatives for permission to carry out a post-mortem examination.

Within 1 month of a death

  • Cambridgeshire Social Care services
    If the deceased was receiving meals-on-wheels, home help, day centre care or had any appliance or equipment loaned by the department
  • Department of Work and Pensions office
  • National Insurance office
  • Insurance and utility companies
  • Local council housing department
  • Local council offices
  • Banks, building societies, credit /store cards
  • Royal Mail
  • NHS: Find your local NHS clinic
  • The Bereavement Register
    To remove the names, addresses and telephone numbers of people who have died from databases. Telephone: 01732 460 000.

Within 2-3 months

  • The Passport Agency
    The deceased’s passport will need to be returned
  • DVLA
    For the return of the deceased’s driving licence
  • Season tickets
  • Clubs and associations
    Return membership cards; you may be able to claim a refund
  • Satellite/digital TV companies

Counselling and support

  • Cambridge CRUSE
    Help offered includes a daily helpline, one-to-one counselling and a number of bereavement support groups