Dial-a-Ride bus service

Cambridge Dial-a-Ride offers safe, affordable, and accessible local transport services to people over 16 who have difficulty using public transport because of disability, infirmity, or age.

They offer a bus service to members every other Wednesday to the crematorium and cemetery at Huntingdon Road, at a discounted rate of £7.40 for the return trip.

The bus leaves Drummer Street bus depot at 10am, or you can meet it soon after at the bus stop on Jesus Lane. The bus arrives at the crematorium at approximately 11am, and the return trip leaves at 12.30pm.

You can contact Dial-a-Ride to book your trip up to six days in advance. Try to give them as much notice as possible, and let them know about any specific travel needs – they might be able to help by stopping nearer your home, for example.

On the day, let the driver know if you need help getting on or off the bus, or carrying your bags.

If you are not a member, you will need to join Dial-a-Ride before you can use this service.