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After Cremation

What happens to the ashes after cremation?

After the cremation has taken place, we have several options available to you in respect of the ashes. If you are using a funeral director, please inform them of your wishes.

Ashes may be collected from the crematorium by your funeral director or by family members. The ashes are placed in a clear, plastic bag and placed inside in a pale blue cardboard box.

Ashes can also be placed (interred) in a memorial vault, or scattered (strewn) within the grounds either in a place specifically chosen by the family or our woodlands. Families can be present when the ashes are interred or scattered, although appointments must be made in advance. Please click here for more information on witnessed scatterings.

We appreciate it may take a while to decide what to do with the ashes and, as such, they can be held safely at the crematorium for a limited period of three months. A holding charge may incur after three months.

When ashes are scattered, they are distributed over a wide area of ground. Chemical reactions resulting from exposure to the elements quickly break down the remains, already in granular form, so that within a few days little trace can be seen.