Cambridge Bereavement Services

Cambridge Bereavement Services is part of Cambridge City Council. The service offers high quality choices for burial, cremation and commemoration of loved ones. Dedicated staff can offer advice and help with making funeral arrangements, and structuring a unique and fitting funeral service.

Important notice

Please be aware that until further notice Cambridge City Crematorium, opening times are:

  • Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 6pm
  • Saturday: 7.30am to 6pm
  • Sunday: 7.30am to 6.30pm
  • Bank holidays: 7.30am to 6.30pm

Vehicle access will not be possible outside these hours at this entrance.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and for further  information, please contact Bereavement Services:

Dial-a-Ride bus service

Cambridge Dial-a-Ride offers its members a bus service to the Huntingdon Road crematorium and cemetery every other Wednesday, at a discounted rate of £7.40 for the return trip.

A14 improvements affecting access to and from the crematorium

From Monday 11 November, the following changes on the A14 will be in place:

  • The local road between Bar Hill and Oakington will become two-way
  • The eastbound entry slip road at junction 29 (Bar Hill) will open
  • The westbound exit slip road at junction 29 (Bar Hill) will close
  • The eastbound entry slip road at junction 30 (Oakington) will close
  • The westbound entry slip road at junction 30 (Dry Drayton)

Approching the crematorium from the east, you should turn off the A14 before Bar Hill and use the local access road to the crematorium.

When leaving the crematorium, you will be diverted down the local access road to Bar Hill, where you can join the A14.

Pond refurbishment

The ponds in the gardens of remembrance were looking rather sad and run down – they leaked constantly, the paving was disintegrating, and the planting was badly overgrown. So we put a plan in place to refurbish two of the four ponds…

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