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Cambridge Bereavement Services is part of Cambridge City Council. The service offers high quality choices for burial, cremation and commemoration of loved ones. Dedicated staff can offer advice and help with making funeral arrangements, and structuring a unique and fitting funeral service.

Memorial safety inspections

We will be carrying out safety inspections at the city cemetery on Newmarket Road from Monday 1 July. We expect the work to last up to two weeks.

We’ll make safe any memorials that are potentially dangerous because of their lack of stability. We’ll try to contact memorial owners to inform them of any danger that their memorial may present to visitors and staff.

Please contact us if you are the owner of a grave in the cemetery and think this might affect you.

New access road

Access to the crematorium and cemetery is now via a new local access road off the A1307. The entrance off the A14 is closed. Signage is in place to assist people travelling along the new route.

Roadworks on the A14 might mean your journey to the crematorium takes longer than normal. We advise you to check the road conditions before you travel and add additional time to your journey if necessary.

Pond refurbishment

The ponds in the gardens of remembrance were looking rather sad and run down – they leaked constantly, the paving was disintegrating, and the planting was badly overgrown. So we put a plan in place to refurbish two of the four ponds…

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