Fees and forms

You can download a complete list of prices for all funeral and memorial options available at the city’s cemeteries and its crematorium here:

Burial and cremation fees [PDF, 86kB]
Memorial prices [PDF, 61kB]
Right to Erect Fees 2016-17 [PDF, 52kB]
Please note, burial of cremated remains is available in existing graves only.

Burial, cremation and memorial forms

You’ll need to complete a form(s) to notify the crematorium about a burial or cremation.


Application for interment (burial) [DOC]
Preliminary funeral or memorial instruction form [RTF, 299kB]
Application for cremation [PDF]
Medical certificate [PDF]Confirmatory medical certificate [PDF]
Please return any forms to us as soon as possible and well in advance of our services being needed (at least three days before for interments and cremations) (see address details below).